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The interior doors of a house, an office, a shop, a hotel or a representative location are very important components in the design of an environment. For this reason, it is essential that an expert cares about it and evaluates all the necessary valuables for the success of a good project.

Custom made interior doors often represent an extremely effective solution to furnish the environments, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. They should therefore be in line with the style of the rooms and ensure maximum performance, durability, quality of materials, finishes and locking systems.

Custom made interior doors offer the undeniable advantage of being able to be customized to the needs of each customer and project. They can therefore vary in size, form and opening, materials and finishes.

We can therefore say that custom-made interior doors, made with the right manufacturing and aesthetic criteria, identify and define the rooms as any other high-quality furniture.

Bespoke door: why choose Res Italia

Res Italia has been the leader in the design and manufacture of doors and high-level systems, since its founding in the early sixties. Born in a productive, creative, lively and full of unrest context, Res Italia has arisen within the industry of doors and systems as a major international leader.

Easily identifiable thanks to the absolute quality excellence of its productions, Res Italia is also characterized by the unmistakable touch of its designer, Massimo Cavana, art director of the brand since the beginning.

Res Italia solutions of custom made interior doors represent the Italian excellence for any type of destination: from private to professional contexts, from public areas, to hospitality.

With Res Italia you can count on a company characterized by a strong footprint in the most luxurious Made in Italy and a global vision, able to understand the needs and requirements of any type of design project.

Contact Res Italia experts and experienced technicians to get, without any obligation, a consultation about your custom made interior doors. Choose only the best for you.

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