Boiserie for bedrooms

Choosing to install boiserie elements in your bedroom equates to personalizing the most private environment of your house in a refined, yet functional way. As a matter of fact, wooden paneling is currently declined in extremely versatile and sophisticated ways, designed to meet very different requirements in terms of style and performance.

If, in the past, boiserie for bedrooms typically identified only classic-style wooden paneling and could not be considered suitable for contemporary-style residences, the revolution of the very concept of boiserie and its adaptation to more modern styles has become a transversal, all-around success for this peculiar interior design solution.

What is boiserie?

Before going into the specifics of the benefits guaranteed by boiserie for bedrooms, we should remember that boiserie is a term that identifies a series of coverings and panels applied on the walls of a room.

We can consider boiserie as an actual decoration, a well-distinguishable interior design element generally made of different essences of wood. In its classic and traditional version, boiserie for bedrooms is typically inlaid, engraved or carved or, alternatively, painted.

Today, boiserie is also proposed in modern style, with the use of particular essences of wood that differ greatly in terms of aesthetics and colors. These solutions can be declined not only in very stylistically original paneling, but can also create performance and functionality within the room.

How to choose the boiserie for your bedroom

When it comes to choosing the perfect boiserie for your bedroom, you will follow a series of criteria related to the size of the room, its shape, its useful surface, its style and the functionalities you will need to enhance.

Among the basic rules to be respected for this particular interior design element, the identification of the correct wood essence is one of the most crucial. If, for example, your bedroom is not particularly spacious, it will be appropriate to favor its brightness: hence you will choose a light-colored boiserie, which will also contribute to giving the room a wider spaciousness look-wise.

Also offered in its most contemporary and minimalistic versions, boiserie for bedrooms is an excellent ally for highlighting design elements or fine furniture inside the room.

If, on the other hand, the surface is not a problem and the style of your house is classic or traditional, a good option for your bedroom paneling is inlaid solid wood – possibly in its darker essences.

Boiserie for bedrooms: the solutions by RES

The various boiserie solutions by RES are suitable both for your bedroom and virtually any other room in the house.

Let’s take a look at the models.

  • Doga: a modern and more contemporary, and more amplified reinterpretation of boiserie which reverberates in real elements of style capable of guaranteeing maximum personality to your spaces. The vertical slats, one of Doga’s main features, create a game of light and depth.
  • Singly: this boiserie solution allows the creation of self-supporting walls that contain swing doors or wall positioned to cover other walls. It allows you to play with various materials, such as porcelain stoneware, black-lacquered or reflective glass, wood, lightened marble or any type of surface on the panel, giving birth to fully functional and complete systems.
  • Wave: ideal for those looking to create a scenic impact made of lights and chiaroscuros. A molded and apparently irregular surface is the main creative input for this project. The result is a paneling system that integrates various elements, including swing doors.

Get in touch with RES right now and ask for a consultancy for the perfect boiserie for your bedroom.