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Salone del Mobile 2019

In the prestigious setting of the Four Seasons Hotel, in the center of Milan, Res presents its collection of doors and boiseries, displayed with new finishes and combinations of materials.
Fan, Luna, Miss, Flexi join Doga and Singly in a refined and design environment.

Wood paneling for shops and businesses: a transversal solution

The visual image of a shop is the first and fundamental business card for any business. For this reason, its interior design should always be studied carefully down to the tiniest detail, with the goal of creating spaces where the intended uses fit perfectly with the brand image.

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Wood paneling for offices: design and performance

Boiserie is not only a stylistic and functional design solution that can be applied to residential contexts. The great versatility of wood paneling systems included in the RES catalog makes boiserie suitable for the most diverse applications, including professional environments and offices.

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Boiserie for bedrooms

Choosing to install boiserie elements in your bedroom equates to personalizing the most private environment of your house in a refined, yet functional way. As a matter of fact, wooden paneling is currently declined in extremely versatile and sophisticated ways, designed to meet very different requirements in terms of style and performance.

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Colored door handles: the perfect match for your doors

Colored door handles are one of the most identifying components of style, and hence can contribute significantly to the personalization or definition of the design of your rooms. In this sense, identifying the right door handle not only in terms of lines and materials, but also colors, is an indispensable requirement for the success of any interior design project that takes into consideration every single detail.

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How to choose the perfect walk-in closet for your room

Defining and choosing the perfect walk-in closet for your bedroom is equivalent to having a piece of furniture designed to enhance order, comfort and organization of clothes of all kinds. At the same time, walk-in closets are an elegant protagonist of the design of your spaces.

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Wainscoting and paneling for modern kitchens

Wainscoting, also known as paneling, is not only a type of workmanship suitable for classic, Provencal, shabby chic or traditional environments. On the contrary, this interior design solution can also be used in more modern and contemporary styles, adapting high-end craftsmanship that is so typical of boiserie to the modern needs of formal cleanliness, essential styling and evolved colors.

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Ideas for a wall system in contemporary style

What is a wall system if not the perfect integration between design and functionality, and at the same time a smart and versatile way to use the vertical surfaces of a space?

When it comes to wall systems in contemporary style, there are many solutions available for virtually any room in the house, from the living area to the night area. What is important to understand, in order to define the best wall system, are the unique needs of those who live the spaces. The basic principles to consider include the ability of this interior design element to grant both performance and personality to the space in which it will be installed.

The typical features of a wall system in contemporary style include clean shapes, linear design, single elements, usually geometric and very fluid in composition and aesthetics. The decorations are generally minimal, while contrasting colors may be present to attract the eye. The colors can be intense or neutral, but always bright and very original, and often enhanced by lacquered finishes. A high-quality wall system in contemporary style becomes immediately visible and is the real protagonist of the room.

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Changing your kitchen doors? How about some tips

Are you pondering over whether to change your kitchen doors? Here are some tips to work best.

First of all, you should remember that your home’s internal doors are a crucial element of style that define the personality of the environments, therefore, they need to take into account a series of not only technical criteria but also stylistic:

  • Dimensions
  • Shapes
  • Materials
  • Design
  • Finishes
  • Opening systems

When we talk about changing the kitchen doors, we must also always keep in mind that this home environment is one of the most important ever. A kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time and moments oriented towards privacy, sharing and conviviality. For this reason, everything that helps to define the style and functionality of the kitchen must always be chosen carefully.

To change the kitchen doors, the first requirement to keep in mind will be the style of the rooms. Do you have a modern kitchen, characterised by clean and essential lines, very light or bright colours, finishes in hyper-modern and minimalist materials such as stainless steel or glass? If the answer is yes, the kitchen door will also have to match this “character”, so as to create visual and perceptive continuity between the different rooms and between the elements inside the room.

If, on the contrary, your kitchen is in a classic style, perhaps made of wood according to traditional criteria, the kitchen door will also have to respect the same requirements of elegance, sumptuousness, a combination of colours and materials, and the possible presence of elaborate finishes. The combination of different wood essences could prove to be more difficult than expected, and this is why our advice is always to rely on the advice and experience of professionals in the sector to identify the solution that is really for you.

Another important factor to take into consideration when deciding to change the kitchen doors is, of course, light. If your kitchen is rather limited in terms of size or not particularly bright, you can choose a glass door or with glass inserts, so as to favour the passage of natural light coming from the other rooms. Obviously, the opposite is also true: if the kitchen is very bright but the same cannot be said of the adjacent room, the choice of a transparent or semi-transparent door will allow most of the sunlight to reach areas that, otherwise, would not be lit.

When you change your kitchen doors, remember that the direction of opening (or the closing and opening system) is absolutely essential for a good performance: you can choose between hinged doors if the available space is adequate, or opt for space-saving solutions such as folding or sliding doors where space is limited. In any case, always take into consideration the position of the systems and any obstacles, so as not to create unwanted “clutter” once the door is open.

These are our general tips for changing kitchen doors without making gross mistakes. Why not request a dedicated consultation for your project directly from the RES experts? We are always at your disposal: all you have to do is contact us!

Which door handles should you choose

When the problem arises of which door handles to choose, for your various environments, you must take into account that the handles must match the doors and that the latter must guarantee a perfect synergy with the rooms and style of your home, office or representative place that you intend to set up.

Starting from this assumption, it is easy to understand how a correct choice in terms of door handles strongly influences the aesthetics of a living space since these components are proper pieces of furniture and design that give style and personality.

In general, a number of factors must be taken into account to choose the most suitable door handles :

  • Colours
  • Finishes
  • Materials
  • Shapes
  • Style

For each of these, performance and high aesthetic value must always be taken into consideration.

Let’s take a look at some examples of the standard combination of doors and handles, starting from the most well-known models and styles, to allow you to understand the general rules that should always be applied:

  • Handles for wooden doors: if you love these classic and traditional solutions, which make the interior warm and welcoming, you can consider the choice of handles with gold, chrome or bronze finishes, particularly suitable for dark wood essences. If your doors are made of light wood, we advise you to focus on handles with matt or steel finishes, both in glossy or satin versions. Also with regard to the style of the doors, essentiality can be accompanied by the choice of more modern materials and colours for the handles, while the handles in gold or burnished bronze will match well with more classic doors.
  • Handles for coloured doors: if you have chosen coloured doors for your rooms, you will first have to identify the dominant and recurrent shade so as to create perfect harmony and not, on the contrary, an alienating effect to the eye. If your doors are yellow, you can use semi-transparent acrylic door handles, which recall the chromatic nuances without exasperating them. In other cases, and especially if the doors are colourfully very bright, choosing a neutral colour for the handle will be the winning solution.
  • Handles for glass doors: when the doors have completely glazed surfaces or glass or crystal panels, it is essential to identify their style well. Minimalist or classic? Squared or rounded? It is based on aesthetics and form that you will have to choose your door handles. The squared lines are perfect for a tidy and rigorous effect, while the more curvaceous ones will allow you to soften the visual impact.

The ones we presented are just some of the many combinations that can be created between door handles, surfaces and room styles. However, if your interior design solutions are unique, special and specifically designed, the advice of professional experts such as those made available by RES will always prove to be the ideal solution to create perfect combinations.

Modern boiserie (wall panels): furnishing applications

Can modern boiserie be used to furnish homes and living spaces in a contemporary style? What are the most suitable furnishing applications for modern boiserie currently available?

First of all, it is good to clarify what is meant by this term and where it was created.

The term boiserie was coined in medieval times and indicates large and small finishes and decorations made on the walls to decorate rooms and give a touch of originality and splendour. The most used of all times, as well as those most known, are those in wood, also designed to furnish more common and less luxurious spaces.

To date, the design techniques applied to the construction of modern boiserie are constantly evolving, with the aim of offering the customer customised and suitable solutions to furnish each living space. Moreover, modern boiseries can be created and positioned in every room, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedroom to the bathroom, to create unique and original details in each room. These finishes are not only used in homes and apartments but can also be used in shops, wellness centres, lobbies, corridors and in any other place where you want to give a touch of originality and additional care.

Modern boiserie can be used anytime, anywhere, as long as the style of each room is taken into account, thus creating unique and neat shapes that will integrate into the room giving a visually appreciable overall harmony.

Modern boiserie: what are the possible applications of furniture?

As previously mentioned, modern boiseries can be used in different living spaces, both private and in public areas, enriching them, but also to cover some details or defects that we do not want to display, as they are deemed unharmonious with the rest of the area.

Bearing these factors in mind, a multitude of living spaces and contexts where inserting a modern boiserie is presented before our eyes.

  • To mask walls with irregular surfaces or to protect them from defects created by humidity. In this way, it is possible to create a sort of “cover” to line the walls to hide, highlighting instead some details of the environment where they are installed.

An advantage given by the use of modern boiserie on walls is that of creating a welcoming, warm and enveloping environment, yet at the same time sophisticated and elegant. The contemporary nature of the boiserie will not, in fact, be given by the solution in itself, but by the context within which it will be positioned and the processes that will characterise it.

  • To make furniture inserts and accessories, to be placed on the walls or to be fitted to shelves and bookcases. These contemporary boiseries are perfect to enhance your home’s spaces and corners, making them unique, elegant and designed well.

Wood is a natural and precious material, noble and capable of transmitting warmth and a sense of unparalleled hospitality, which is why boiserie is indicated to embellish any room where it is installed.

  • To hide the shutters boxes, elements that people do not like seeing in their rooms. Creating a custom-made boiserie around a box represents added value for the room, a peculiarity that can hide elements that are not very appreciated. Creating fake beams or ceilings that can mask them, doors or other purely ornamental details will allow these elements to be hidden from view.

Modern boiserie for bedrooms

Modern bedroom boiseries help implement the style of the room through both decorative and functional components. Brands specialised in this type of solutions, such as RES, create modern boiserie for bedrooms that can be incredible aesthetic assets but also equipped walls, where there is a need for real use of space.

Modern boiserie for bedrooms can be different from the rest of the house’s style or confirm it in stylistic and chromatic choices, helping to enrich the living spaces but also making them more performing. Modern boiserie that cover entire walls of the bedroom can include doors or furnishing elements, entrances to walk-in wardrobes, TV mounts and other components, especially if the solution is made ad hoc to the customer’s specific requests.

Modern boiserie for living room and kitchen

The modern boiserie for a living room and kitchen “break” the preconceived idea that the boiserie is, by its nature, an element characterised by traditional and very classic lines and works, sumptuous and ideal only for stylish homes.

Limiting these important pieces of furniture to this would be a mistake: modern living room and kitchen boiserie not only exist but define and implement the style of the living spaces with a flash as elegant as contemporary, the result of a wise synergy of colours, design, application materials and functionalities. Modern boiserie for the living room and kitchen can host, within them, real “useful” and manageable spaces: from compartments to cabinets, from shelves to lighting, thus contributing to the performance of the living spaces.

Typically, modern boiserie for living rooms and kitchens can satisfy the most varied aesthetic requirements thanks to ad hoc creations not only in terms of size but also of colours, designs, materials and styles. Getting in touch with RES experts will allow you to design completely customised solutions and create modern boiserie for living rooms and kitchens that fully meet the specific requirements of your home.