Colored door handles: the perfect match for your doors

Colored door handles are one of the most identifying components of style, and hence can contribute significantly to the personalization or definition of the design of your rooms. In this sense, identifying the right door handle not only in terms of lines and materials, but also colors, is an indispensable requirement for the success of any interior design project that takes into consideration every single detail.

We have already addressed in one of our previous articles how careful the interior designer or client should be when it comes to the choice of door handles. In that occasion, we focused on the main different factors that create the accessory: from finishes to materials, from shapes to style.

However, right now our attention is all on colored door handles, which are especially ideal for creating color points in strongly characterized interiors.

Colored door handles: the key factor is coordination

The key factor that should never be forgotten in the combination between doors and handles is, of course, their coordination. This does not necessarily mean that you will have to choose identical doors for every room in your house, but at least that you must direct your attention to elements that can operate in flawless synergy.

In general terms, colored door handles – either in gloss or matte finishes – prove to be perfect accessories for modern and minimalistic doors, not only made of wood but also combining different materials such as metal and glass, both with a satin or rough effect.

Whatever the choice, it will always be necessary to pay attention to the concordance of the colors with other elements that identify the chromatic mood of the rooms, and that you won’t be able to change just by snapping your fingers. They are, typically:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Fixtures
  • Furniture

Always remember that door handles are never an object, but more like an accessory that will be combined with the furniture element to which it is attached: the door itself! And if a white door, by its nature, allows you to freely choose your colored door handles, for other models your choice will be more cautious.

Here are some examples.

Matching colored door handles: examples

  • If the door is colored: regardless of the color of the door, you can always combine it with a transparent or semi-transparent door handle, to keep the aesthetic impact of the dominant color intact.
  • If the door has a rustic, shabby chic look: a good match is obtained by door handles made of ceramics or with ceramic details.
  • If the door has a minimalistic, Japanese-inspired style: you can opt for black colored door handles or, alternatively, steel door handles, provided that their lines should always be very clean.
  • If the door is made of dark wood: no colored handles at all! Your choice should be golden or silver door handles, both with glossy or satin finishes.
  • If the door is made of light wood: as previously suggested, the colored door handles will have to show a small chromatic point that recalls the style of the door.

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