Design sliding doors

Design sliding doors are among the most popular and installed in various environments, homes, offices, shops or public places, and even representative locations.

It is not only a trend of the moment, although the design changes with the passage of time and according to the taste of the audience and designers, but rather of a genuine appreciation of the aesthetic and technical characteristics of these doors.

Design sliding doors are undeniably great scenic impact furnishings, capable of significantly improving the look of the environment. Moreover, thanks to the latest technological innovations, design sliding doors provide functionality, durability and high-level performances.

We could define design sliding doors as the main alternative to the more traditional aesthetic and functional swing doors.

Their design is not unique, but it can differ depending on the functioning: sliding pocket doors are designed and manufactured with the ultimate goal of recovering more space within the room, while sliding doors flush to wall can be easily installed.

Sliding pocket doors literally disappear inside the wall where a special subframe is installed. In fact, they allow to save space in the room contrary to a classic swing door. For this reason, we recommend sliding pocket doors mainly for environments in which it is essential to save some space, and therefore reduced in the surface.

Generally, all design sliding doors are characterized by extreme fluidity and smooth operation: they disappear once opened, flush to wall or inside it. The extremely high quality of the mechanical and closing systems, ensure a smooth operation and a long life is essential to the performance of this type of interior doors.

As for the materials and finishes, design sliding doors adapt to the style of the environments and above all they meet the requirements of the designer: that’s why it is essential to seek a professional help.

Res Italia has been the leader in the design and manufacture of the best doors and systems for all private, public and hospitality environments, since 1962.

Design sliding doors are one of the various solutions offered by Res Italia thanks to the talented and experienced art director Massimo Cavana, the creative force of a brand which is today all around the world.

Discover Res Italia quality. Contact our experienced technicians for an advice without any obligation on your interior design project.

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