Design sliding pocket doors

These design interior doors are used to decorate and furnish public and private environments, not only because they are extremely comfortable and versatile, but also because they are within the currently most popular aesthetic canons. In fact, design sliding pocket doors can close and open through specific sliding systems which allow leaves to “disappear” effectively within the wall and, therefore, at the sight.

It is particularly important that a sliding pocket door does not have only a beautiful design, but also a great quality construction and quality materials. For instance, subframes are important for a perfect functioning. These elements, also called underframes, allow the panel to disappear at the opening of the door. The walls containing the underframes of sliding pocket doors can be made both in cement and plasterboard.

Sliding pocket doors: advantages

Find out the advantages of a design sliding pocket door in your house.

  • Space: sliding pocket doors allow maximum optimization of space, because they avoid opening doors that would occupy part of the environment, creating unusable and blind spots. They are the best solution for small homes or offices where each square centimeter may be crucial.
  • Aesthetics: design sliding pocket doors respect and, indeed, enhance all the appeal of a piece of furniture which is also a work of art. Their appearance of great aesthetic impact allows you to change positively the entire look of the room, which will be larger, airy and bright.
  • Resistance: design sliding pocket doors by Res Srl, a leading company in the sector since the 60s, represent the top of the Made in Italy range. A careful choice of materials and accessories, all of the highest quality, allows our products to last over time.
  • Versatility: design sliding pocket doors are extremely versatile, since they can be made in many different materials – from wood to plastic, glass, metal, up to mixed materials. Similarly, there are various colours for any need of interior design.
  • Elegance: with their innate ability to divide spaces without separating them completely, design sliding pocket doors are an effective choice at functional level and they are also very elegant in all environments.
  • Tax deductibility: at least throughout 2016, even sliding pocket doors can enjoy the deductions of 50% applicable on the purchase of furniture and furnishings in the context of building renovations.

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