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How to choose the bathroom door

Choosing the bathroom door is not an easy operation – at least not as easy as it might appear after some superficial considerations. In fact, you will have to consider several different factors, including not only style and available space but also manufacturing technologies, closing systems, technical features of the product and performance. It is important to remember that bathroom doors are one of the essential elements to define the most private space in your home.

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Tips and tricks for matching doors and floors

The proper combination of interior doors and floors is not a marginal task in your interior design project, but a complex operation that will consider several factors. The main one is that it involves two elements – the floors and the interior doors – which will remain permanently in the space.

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Boiserie for bedrooms

Choosing to install boiserie elements in your bedroom equates to personalizing the most private environment of your house in a refined, yet functional way. As a matter of fact, wooden paneling is currently declined in extremely versatile and sophisticated ways, designed to meet very different requirements in terms of style and performance.

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Colored door handles: the perfect match for your doors

Colored door handles are one of the most identifying components of style, and hence can contribute significantly to the personalization or definition of the design of your rooms. In this sense, identifying the right door handle not only in terms of lines and materials, but also colors, is an indispensable requirement for the success of any interior design project that takes into consideration every single detail.

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