Flush to wall doors

Flush to wall doors are the best choice for a minimalist interior design which is also elegant and strongly design oriented. They are coplanar and basic solutions, able to guarantee not only a linear continuity of maximum purity, but also an absolute pureness of lines.

Flush to wall doors are particularly suitable for environments with limited surfaces, or if you need to take advantage of any detail. However, that does not mean that these interior doors cannot be installed successfully in ample spaces, already strongly lit by natural light: in these latter cases, it is precisely the essential nature of the flush to wall doors to enhance sizes, creating an absolute essential and pure design.

The aesthetics of the environments is unchanged and, at the same time, gets rich: “less is more”, the famous German architect and designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said. This is the principle of improvement by removal, and flush to wall doors are an outstanding example applied to interior design.

With flush to wall doors the principle of opulence and complexity typical of a certain type of design, gives way to a real paradigm structure, which leads to a result of pure aesthetic and functional perfection. The essential has no defects.

If the flush to wall doors are minimal, this feature is not necessarily synonymous with simplicity, but rather essential design. In order to develop interior design solutions oriented to the philosophy of “less is more” a great responsibility is needed in order to eliminate the superfluous, giving life to a solution of interior design where each element is perfectly balanced with what surrounds it.

Flush to wall doors: why choosing them

Functionality, elegance, aesthetics. We could summarize with three simple words the motivations that push our customers to choose flush to wall doors. While on one hand this choice is closely related to the performance of the product, we can undoubtedly say that this type of solution is the best for environments that require the use of all available surfaces, from an aesthetic point of view it is worth pointing out that flush to wall doors are also outstanding solutions for large-scale environments.

It is therefore not necessary to limit the number of square meters to the provisions for assessing whether the flush to wall doors can be used in our case: more than anything, it is essential to understand if the style that these doors contribute to create within the environment offers the aesthetic result we expect from our project.

Flush to wall doors overlook the changing of fashion, revealing themselves as one of the most appreciated solutions for their great ability to contribute to furnishing environments while offering specific functional benefits.

Contact RES to find out with flush to wall doors can work for you and what material, finishes and opening systems are the most effective for your project.

Full-height flush to wall doors

It’s worth spending a few words on the full-heightflush to wall doors, really peculiar and endowed with great personality and, consequently, can greatly affect the aesthetics of the environments in which they are installed.

Full-height flush to wall doors are sometimes also known as “total wall wire doors”. It is easy to understand what the reason is: regardless of their width, the height of this type of internal doors reaches the ceiling, whether it is straight or inclined (as in the case of attics). Here, therefore, full-height flush to wall doors, especially when characterized by peculiar finishes, decorations, details, represent one of the main elements of a room or of an entire environment.

Not just means to move from one room to the next, but realfurnishing elements and structures.

Pocket flush to wall doors?

Can we consider flush to wall doors as pocket doors?

The term pocket flush to wall doors could sound almost as a contradiction in terms, since it is evident that in these embodiments, the glass door slides along the frame until it reaches very few millimeters from the reference wall and, therefore, does not disappear at all into the wall.

Speaking of pocket flush to wall doors could indeed be misleading. However, it is worth pointing out that flush to wall doors guarantee a remarkable use of the walls and therefore a better use of spaces. If in the case of a classic swing door it is necessary to bear in mind the size of the door when opened, in the so called pocket flush to wall doors we will simply have to remember the few millimeters that the door will need to slide along the wall.

Flush to wall doors: Res Italia solutions

Born in 1962, Res Italia is currently one of the top prestigious brands for the design and manufacture of doors and the latest generation systems.

The elegance and the Made in Italy style combine with a global understanding of interior design needs, the requirements for successful projects: the result is a brand present all around the world with its solutions of exceptional quality and prestige.

Here is where you can find Res Italia and its products: the prestigious Estée Lauder Cosmetics offices in New York, the Palais Liegi in Rome, the Belstaff headquarters in Mogliano Veneto, the Hotel Conservatorium of Amsterdam, the Giada luxury fashion brand offices in China.

The unmistakable footprint of the designerMassimo Cavana, creative director of the brand, and the absolute quality of the materials made Res Italia the reference brand internationally known for any private, public, professional solutions of doors and systems.

Your search for the perfect flush to wall doors ends with Res Italia: discover the outputs and projects, look at the wise use of the lines and materials, the study of colours. Finally, ask Res Italy technicians about your project.

Give life to an unforgettable interior design.

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