Glass door: how to choose the one that best suits your home

Glass doors are an increasingly popular choice in interior design projects, even for the most diverse contexts. The reason resides in the innate qualities that this solution grants.

From the incredible sense of communications that they create between different spaces, almost acting as a bridge between various areas of the house, to increased brightness and airiness guaranteed to the rooms, to a wider visual openness, glass doors are now among the great protagonists of the interior design industry.

But how should you choose the one that best suits your home?

Glass doors are furnishing elements

Let’s start by saying that interior design doors, especially glass doors, are actual furniture pieces and not just mere space-dividers. They enhance the room in every aspect and illuminate it, and hence are especially suitable for spaces of limited surface or in the presence of small windows. As a general rule, anything that brings natural light into the room must always be favored.

If you are looking for more space, we suggest you opt for a sliding glass door, a flush-to-the-wall door or a pocket door: from the largest models to the retractable ones, all are suitable for separating spaces furnished in the most diverse styles.

Glass doors are perfect for functional furniture

Glass doors are so essential-looking that they work best with functional furniture. Our suggestion is to opt for models that separate spaces and furnish them, and that feature the maximum attention to the design aspect.

A very fitting example is Luna by RES, designed by Massimo Cavana, because it embodies the well-known “less is more” concept with its minimalistic profile. Luna is perfect if you love essentiality and discretion but, at the same time, you want an interior door that catches the eye with its glass surface (see the Quadrio series or the Zen decoration for more details), handles and finishes.

Finally, glass doors are ideal if you’re looking for a “surprise effect” – if you want your home to sport a touch of absolute uniqueness, that is.

Fan by RES, designed by Massimo Cavana, is a great solution. This pivoting wing door is equipped with an invisible and silent mechanism that creates a new way of connecting spaces. It also offers the chance to benefit from a two-way mechanism.

Fan integrates seamlessly into any environment and is suitable for homes of different styles thanks to its flexibility, which is ensured by perfect coplanarity and total aesthetic lightness.

Do you need customized support to discover the perfect interior glass doors for your home? Ask RES specialists!