Interior sliding doors outside the wall

What are the interior sliding doors outside the wall? The first principle that must be specified resides in the importance that a proper choice and placement of interior doors is critical for the best functionality of the environments, whether private or professional.

Interior doors are an essential element that allows you to get as much as functional aesthetic advantages. Interior sliding doors outside the wall are one of the many alternatives to the traditional swing doors normally installed in an environment. Compared to them, interior sliding doors outside the wall reveal very different aspects and can be an efficient and effective solution for the interior design.

Interior sliding doors outside the wall: features

The primary characteristic of an interior sliding door outside the wall is to slide on a rail against the wall. The second lies in its ease of installation.

A fundamental quality of this type of interior door regards the space you gain in the environment in which it is installed. Not only: typically, interior sliding doors outside the wall also guarantee a modern and contemporary appeal to rooms.

From a technical point of view, the interior door that runs outside the wall can be installed on different binaries, as well as customized from the point of view of materials and finishes.

A personalized advice on the design of interior doors to fit your rooms will let you know the best solutions for your rooms: these solutions will ensure performance and aesthetic impact. Since decades, Res Srl has been the number one referent in Italy and abroad with regard to the design of interior doors of any type. Its consultants and designers will make for you a custom-made project for your interior sliding doors otside the wall. The environments in which these essential furnishings will be installed will benefit a whole new aesthetic and you will gain more space, giving you an advantage in terms of look and functionality.

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