Interior sliding pocket doors

Interior sliding pocket doors represent an extremely appreciated complement of furnishing for their ability to reorganize the aesthetics and functionality of spaces.

This type of interior doors, also available in sliding flush versions, are particularly suitable for small spaces but also to open spaces characterized by a light and airy appeal.

Interior sliding pocket doors provide light to the environments and optimize space, they reduce blind spots and give life to an aesthetic of great value, a smooth feeling of harmony in the rooms where they are installed.

Generally, interior sliding flush doors are also characterized by a modern, adequate and functional design, if you consider the types of environments in which it is more appropriate and practical to install them.

Interior sliding pocket doors to gain space

Interior sliding pocket doors, in addition to the strong aesthetic impact, are able to hide from view: in this way, you can solve many problems of space at home or at the office. The disappearance of the sliding door inside the wall or flush to wall allow to gain much space: think, for example, to the blind spots created by the most classic swing doors, unusable in most cases.

The surface of the wall, thus liberated, will offer more light and brightness to the room but it also house new furniture or simply a useful space as needed.

Finally, it is worth spending a few words about the already mentioned “aesthetic design aspect” of  interior sliding doors: they are undeniably of great appeal. The different possibilities of personalization, shapes, colours and finishes and a wide variety of materials make this type of internal door the ideal one for any type and style of living.

Interior sliding pocket doors: the importance of the subframe

In technical terms, interior sliding pocket doors have as a fundamental element the subframe which, in some cases, can also be powered through an electrical system which remains invisible from the outside. In this way it is possible to automate both the closing and the opening of the door, through a specific button, or even with a sensor, in compliance with the most modern home automation functionality.

Since 1962, Res Srl has been the international benchmark for the design and realization of interior  design doors with very high added value. The excellence of our products also includes a wide range of  interior sliding pocket doors, also flush doors, able to satisfy every requirement of functionality, quality and aesthetics. Contact us for any custom-made information. Transform your rooms in design environments.

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