Modern design interior doors

Modern design interior doors are the best solution for areas with an aesthetic appeal  in line with the latest trends. The choice of modern design interior doors can be made in conjunction with a complete renovation of the environments or for new ones and must be assessed at the stage of initial design, in order to consider all the characteristics of artifacts and guarantee the total satisfaction of each  aesthetic requirements and functionality.

Modern design interior doors can be designed and made in various colours, sizes, materials and even shapes: Res Srl has ben, since the sixties, the best partner at international level for complex projects that transform a room into a unique and inimitable microcosm.

Finishes, materials and colours for modern design interior doors are now numerous, because every environment is unique and cannot be standardized with universal applications. The personalization of these elements makes Res Srl the best partner to many customers all over the world.

Today, Res Srl is present with its doors and its systems in the United States, India, Turkey, Italy, the Netherlands, China, Europe and the United Arab Emirates. Among the brands that have chosen Res Srl for the design of their interior doors are Estée Lauder Cosmetics New York, Palais Liege Rome, Belstaff Venice, Hotel Conservatorium Amsterdam, Giada China, Fondazione Feltrinelli Milan, Leica Germany. Among the awards received by the company over the years, three special mentions “Young & Design” (in 1995, 2003 and 2005) and an Idot mention.

Modern design interior doors: finishes and materials

How to define the correct finishes and the most appropriate materials for our modern design interior doors?

There are certainly different criteria that should be considered in order to formulate an effective project, with solutions that are able to create a perfect synergy between performance and aesthetic appeal. First of all, internal doors have to adapt both to the environment furnishing style and the colour and type of its floors. In effect, before the selection of doors and windows you should choose floors and coverings.

As for the materials, wood is undoubtedly the best choice for those who want to keep the typical warmth of this natural element in its various shades in a design environment characterized by a modern appeal. On the contrary, modern design interior doors in glass are the best solution for those in search of items that can pass the light, giving the impression of expanding environments at the same time. The glass of doors may be neutral and completely transparent but also frosted or lacquered, so as to ensure a mirror effect.

Finally, the colours: all colours, from more neutral, such as white, even to the most vibrant – like fluorescent shades – have the ability to substantially alter the aesthetics of the entire room. At the same time, also the presence, in modern design interior doors, of elements in different materials – such as steel – significantly contributes to define the aesthetic appeal of the furnishing element. Also this feature, therefore, should be evaluated very carefully.

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