Modern interior doors

Functionality and aesthetics, advanced design and the latest technologies: these are the main features offered by modern interior doors designed and manufactured by Res. Brand leader in Italian excellence applied to the realization of doors and systems, Res is now an international benchmark for the best modern interior high end doors: not surprisingly, its solutions are present in the most refined and popular environments all over the world.

From Hong Kong to New York, from Dubai to Benelux, Res projects mean quality, durability, aesthetics, class and elegance.

The inimitable style of the designer Massimo Cavana has always accompanied all Res realizations, projects tailored to the best modern interior doors, the most advanced locking systems, so as to give more life to unique solutions which can adapt to any environment and give it personality and performance.

Modern Italian interior doors: the prestige of RES

Modern Italian interior doors find their best designer and manufacturer in RES. This state of the art Italian brand designs and manufactures doors and systems since 1962 and, today, is recognized worldwide as one of the most influent trailblazers when it comes to modern Italian interior doors.

Modern Italian interior doors by RES are the result of the prestigious tradition of Italian interior design and top-level manufacturing processes that are typical of Lombardy, one of the most influential regions in Italy. Currently, modern Italian interior doors by RES have not only conquered the Italian market but also overcome any border, reaching both the Russian and American markets. Also, China has shown extreme interest in modern Italian interior doors by RES and the brand’s solutions are now installed both in contract and residential environments.

Modern Italian interior doors are now finding their place also in Kazakhstan, Romania, Ghana, Mexico and Azerbaijan, confirming the absolute excellence that is so typical of Italian inspirations, look and design.

Modern Italian doors: some of the best models

Some of the best models of modern Italian doors by RES express pure perfection at its fullest, thanks to their minimal and very clean appeal and fascinating textures and color palette. From a merely technological point of view, modern Italian doors by RES represents the absolute best any client – both residential or contract – can expect from top level interior design.

The high-quality of modern Italian doors by RES is confirmed by several awards that the brand collected through the years, amongst which it is worth mentioning:

  • Special mention “Young e Design 1995″ for the system Sidus;
  • Special mention “Young e Design 2003” for the led door Luna Light;
  • Special mention “Young e Design 2005″for the system Twin;
  • Recommendation “Idot 2006” for the led door Luna Light.

RES offers the widest range of modern Italian doors. What we are presenting now it’s merely a quick excursus showing you three of the most appreciated models by the Italian brand.

  • Modern Italian doors – 4.1 by RES: designed by Cavana.Santambrogio, it is a wing veneered curved door, with the choice of concave or convex panel. The door jamb aligned to the wall, allow the push or pull opening, according to the customer needs, keeping always the perfect plain between the wall and the door.
  • Modern Italian doors – Dorsia by RES: the door introduces itself with brand new innovative system for sliding doors and bi-directional hinges for wing doors. This guarantees a very functional and visual result than other mechanism actually in the market. The frame is in anodized aluminum equipped with a very wide range of glasses.
  • Modern Italian doors – Bespoke by RES: a very custom-oriented door that can be create in accordance to the client’s requests, matching different materials, new finishes, customized dimensions and accessories.

Modern interior doors: when to choose them

Res manufactures the best modern interior doors aware of their function within a home. This type of artifact is not limited to a mere division of space, but it also represents a highly distinctive design element for the environments in which it is installed.

Res modern interior doors always stand out for their design and quality and because they are an important architectural element for the customization of a house. They are not necessarily furnishing elements made up of futurist materials: modern interior doors can also be made of wood or glass, materials already commonly used for classical realizations, as well as in various finishes – lacquered, opaque, glossy.

The main distinguishing mark of modern interior doors is represented by their design, which complies with the most contemporary aesthetic canons, their customization, their locking systems.

Behind the design of Res modern interior doors there is always a thorough research, a careful selection of materials and the best quality finishes, a meticulous care of geometric proportions and customizations. They are absolutely inevitable steps if you want to create a very unique project, able to characterize an environment so instantly recognizable.

This type of interior doors is essentially chosen if you want a highly contemporary look for your environments, very high performances, cutting-edge design and artifacts which are much more than a passage between an environment and another.

Contact Res for the design and realization of modern interior doors for your home. Give life to an environment without equal, only yours, able to represent you in the right nuance.

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