Modern interior glass doors

Modern interior glass doors are one of the main solutions designed by Res.

This type of door is ideal for home furnishing, helping in the definition of interior spaces, but at the same time ensuring excellent design solutions and enriching your home.

With glass doors your home will be charming and with its own personality, especially if you want a modern style furniture, characterized by a minimal and functional design.

Modern interior glass doors can be:

  • Swing doors: the most classic solution that allows you to orientate the opening direction of the door according to your needs.
  • Sliding doors: ideal for spaces of reduced size, they allow you to recover space and at the same time to ensure the right brightness to the rooms.
  • Folding doors: they reduce their size by half and can be a compromise between the swing and the sliding doors.

Currently, glass doors are among the most requested as they are able to meet different needs and they can be customised. Discover all the models of modern interior glass doors we can offer.

Why choose glass doors?

  • They are excellent solutions able to ensure an excellent fusion between the various rooms of the house, they do not not break the lines of your house, but create natural continuations between the various rooms.
  • They favour the passage of light, making the rooms brighter and more welcoming.
  • They give the idea of being in front of wider and airy environments, even with rooms with reduced size.
  • They are perfect even in the presence of large rooms and open spaces, where they can be transformed into real furnishing accessories.
  • They ensure high thermal and mechanical resistance.
  • They are versatile solutions, therefore suitable also in the presence of different styles.

It is also good to clear a false myth: glass doors are not fragile.

In fact, for the realisation of these solutions, we use sheets of tempered glass which are custom-made, particularly solid, resistant and with a special sandblasting.

The possibility of decorating and personalising glass doors, makes these solutions real furnishing accessories that, if well studied, make the context of insertion unique and become elements of modern design.

Glass doors for modern rooms

If you want to give your home a modern look, choosing to install glass doors may be the best solution.

Res is able to offer you innovative solutions, thanks to the experience gained over the years both on the Italian territory and on the international one.

Our designers are able to realise your ideas and propose innovative solutions, a concrete manifestation of both Made in Italy and innovation.

We use top quality materials and our finishes are precise and valuable.

If you want to design modern interior glass doors,we are real experts in this field.

Contact us for a personalised quote and an advice from our designers. We will be happy to put our many years of experience at your service.

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