Sliding doors for interiors: everything you need to know

Interior sliding doors are a crucial ally for those looking for space-optimizing furniture. Since they represent the main alternative to traditional swing doors, these models are currently offered in countless stylistic, dimensional, chromatic and locking system variants to satisfy the increasingly articulate requests of clients.

Suppose you decide to opt for one or more interior sliding doors. In that case, you will naturally have to consider factors such as the quality of materials, production and finishes, the level of sound absorption and fire resistance. If the doors are installed in kitchens and bathrooms, you also must consider their permeability to vapor and water.

These are all necessary technical specifications because they will allow you to choose the best models, not only from an aesthetic point of view but mostly from a functional one.

What are the main types of interior sliding doors? An overview

In the interior design project for your spaces, you can choose between several different types of sliding doors. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

  • External wall flush door: it’s a very functional easy-to-install internal sliding door that moves with the aid of a track fixed to the wall. It is usually suitable if you have at least 80 cm of space. Its main benefits include space-saving qualities, relative invisibility and minimalism, and easy removal in the case of home renovation.
  • Retractable door: it is an internal sliding door that disappears into the wall. It’s a good solution if the space available is not large, or even to delimit small areas inside the house such as bathrooms, closets, laundry rooms.
  • Double-leaf sliding door: it is perfect if you need to delimit larger rooms, for example ample living room where it could be necessary to separate the kitchen and the dining area. The sizes of these internal doors are usually quite generous, and the product can be customized according to your specific requests. Aesthetically very pleasing, these doors can move flush with the wall or disappear inside of it.

Your internal sliding doors by RES

RES is a brand internationally renowned for the quality and design of its interior doors and technologically advanced locking systems. It offers a wide range of solutions for the design of your residential and professional space.

In terms of interior sliding doors, the RES models are all truly remarkable.

  • Arc: available in a hinged or retractable version, this interior door designed by Massimo Cavana offers an exclusive external jamb consisting of an aluminum frame, available with a lacquered or oxidized finish and combined with glass, wood or synthetic fabric inserts. The door is made up of an aluminum frame with double tempered glass or, alternatively, of an opaque lacquered honeycomb panel. Many finishes are available.
  • Decò: designed by Cavana.Santambrogio, this door is perfect if you’re looking for an important frame and an intense retro look. You can choose wavy frames with a gold or silver leaf finish for rooms with even more personality.
  • Levia: a real furnishing solution with different closing systems, including the sliding and pocket ones. Designed by UTR, it harmonizes spaces with the utmost elegance and is characterized by complete design care in every detail. A great revolution for interior doors.
  • Miss: the exclusivity of minimalism. This honeycomb door is available in a sliding and pocket version, composed of frames and panels offered in a wide range of finishes. It is a very aesthetically versatile product and that makes it suitable for any type of space. The design is by Cavana.Santambrogio.
  • Mood XL: perfect if you need to delimit large-sized areas and focus on the visual impact. Mood XL can be equipped with the most innovative sliding closing systems, such as the new reduced track that can also be installed in false ceilings.