Sliding interior glass doors

Sliding interior glass doors are the best to furnish and define the interior spaces of environments, also the small ones: their main feature, in fact, is that they do not require extra space and can be customized with items of great personality and charm.

Sliding interior glass doors are generally the best choice for modern environments or where the design has the important function to define the appeal of the room. Whether they are flush to wall or disappear within the wall they allow to draw the attention on other elements of the environment.

This is a real evolution of the door: the choice of glass in the design and manufacture aims to open new perspectives of furniture, where the interior door is characterized by its aesthetics and becomes a distinctive element.

Choose the sliding interior glass doors to make environments communicate without weighing the rooms in size or in lighting. Save space using a key point of furnishing to ensure elegance, design and above all structural and aesthetic harmony.

Sliding interior glass doors: performing and resistant

Sliding interior glass doors are not fragile: this is the first myth to dispel. These items are realized by using sheets of solid, durable, tempered glass, able to be customized in numerous ways through a classical processing called sandblasting.

Sliding interior glass doors can also be decorated, turning almost into works of art which make environments communicate: an interior designer will carefully define which patterns, colours, decorations and finishes will adapt better to the project.

For those who love minimalism, however, this type of interior doors can be also the ideal choice in its “clear” and clean variant, for a timeless design capable of merging styles and materials in an elegant way.

Since the sixties, Res Srl has been the leader worldwide for the design and manufacture of the best 100% Made in Italy doors and systems.

The talent of the art director Massimo Cavana, who has always been the brand’s designer, is the benchmark which identifies Res products making them the best choice for houses, offices and accomodation facilities (Horeca).

If you choose Res Srl as a reference for the design of your sliding interior glass doors you will have the opportunity to create environments with very high added value in functional and aesthetic terms: the best materials, the best design, the best technicians at your disposal for the creation of unique and inimitable contexts, in which the doors are much more than simple doors.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and find out why Res Srl is present worldwide with its solutions, from the United States to Hong Kong, from India to Benelux, from Turkey to China.

RES has received a lot of important recognitions among which:

  • Honourable mention “Young & Design 1995” for Sidus System
  • Honourable mention “Young & Design 2003” for Luna Light door
  • Honourable mention “Young & Design 2005” for Twin system
  • Mention “Idot 2006” for Luna Light door

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