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Wainscoting and paneling for modern kitchens

Wainscoting, also known as paneling, is not only a type of workmanship suitable for classic, Provencal, shabby chic or traditional environments. On the contrary, this interior design solution can also be used in more modern and contemporary styles, adapting high-end craftsmanship that is so typical of boiserie to the modern needs of formal cleanliness, essential styling and evolved colors.

This is why wainscoting and paneling for modern kitchens is not only possible but a concrete solution, ideal especially for those who are looking for maximum aesthetical impact and total personality for a room that is, in itself, the heart of the home.

If at one point in time wainscoting and paneling were nothing but stylish furniture, boiserie for a contemporary kitchen is now composed of wall panels that are a synthesis of design and performance, equipped with shelves, hooks and accessories. The result? Great visual impact, never monotonous, and the presence of integrated modules for a solution that includes both closed and open elements, to allow pleasant-looking tools and accessories to be kept in plain sight.

In general, wainscoting and paneling for modern kitchens is designed to create a certain stylistic continuity with the living area and is never too heavy on the eyes. On the contrary, contemporary boiserie must be fluid and visually light, defining itself as an element of décor that is perfectly coordinated with the personality of the whole apartment.

Contemporary wall paneling by RES

RES offers not only the most exclusive design doors and the most advanced systems on an international level, but also a wide range of solutions in terms of wainscoting and paneling, always characterized by the original and recognizable approach that is typical of this Italian brand.

RES’ wainscoting and paneling for modern kitchens is actually designed to fit pretty much every room of the house, in the context of new-generation interior design projects that consider each element of style as a microcosm to be integrated into the universe of space in which it will be installed.

Let’s take a look at some wainscoting and paneling – modern boiserie – designed by RES.

Doga: designed by Gianluca Santambrogio, Doga reinvents the concept of boiserie in itself by amplifying it and modernizing it. This is not just wainscoting and paneling, but rather a series of elements of style to personalize every space. Vertical slats designed to create plays of light and depth, giving life to a system completed by hinged or sliding doors, cabinets, predisposition for television and shelves.

Singly: with this product, Gianluca Santambrogio has invented a new way to conceive the distribution of spaces in virtually any type of environment, without any conceptual foreclosure. In fact, this boiserie allows the creation of self-supporting walls that contain hinged doors. Otherwise, Singly can include panels positioned to cover the walls. The peculiarity of this boiserie is that it allows you to play with various materials such as porcelain stoneware, back-lacquered or reflective glass, wood, lightened marble or any type of surface on a panel. This is a truly complete system, from corners to LEDs integrated into the bottom of paneling, to LEDs integrated in the door via electrified hinges. Especially interesting is the possibility to add electric locks or other home automation devices. Suspended storage boxes or storage cabinets with open/closeable shelves, made of wood or glass, are also available.