Ideas for a wall system in contemporary style

What is a wall system if not the perfect integration between design and functionality, and at the same time a smart and versatile way to use the vertical surfaces of a space?

When it comes to wall systems in contemporary style, there are many solutions available for virtually any room in the house, from the living area to the night area. What is important to understand, in order to define the best wall system, are the unique needs of those who live the spaces. The basic principles to consider include the ability of this interior design element to grant both performance and personality to the space in which it will be installed.

The typical features of a wall system in contemporary style include clean shapes, linear design, single elements, usually geometric and very fluid in composition and aesthetics. The decorations are generally minimal, while contrasting colors may be present to attract the eye. The colors can be intense or neutral, but always bright and very original, and often enhanced by lacquered finishes. A high-quality wall system in contemporary style becomes immediately visible and is the real protagonist of the room.

Wall systems by RES

Now let’s take a look at some of the solutions by RES for this type of interior design.

  • ÈLLE: this system by Massimo Cavana is the result of the desire to offer so much more than a simple TV stand. Here comes a stylistic solution that is not just a piece of furniture but equips the wall with an unmistakable design, almost a comma or a L coming out of the wall. It is a suspended wall system made of aluminum and glass, where maximum cleanliness and formal rigor are concept and expression of functionality and personality. The great flexibility of use of this wall system is combined with the wide range of colors available.
  • Decò: the unmistakable design by Gianluca Santambrogio has created this piece of furniture suspended and made of Rosewood plywood. Simple and essential in its aesthetics, this wall system in contemporary style is a flawless solution to furnish any living space with a modern look. The version presents a frame covered in gold leaf.
  • Zero: once again by designer Gianluca Santambrogio, this wall unit in contemporary style is a system consisting of a “rasomuro” hinged door with an internal predisposition for led tv for walls with a minimum thickness of 10 centimeters. It also includes a suspended container with 3 o 4 compartments. This wall system offers a structure in black melamine coated in tempered glass back painted in white or black, and the system connects to the TV through channels for the connection of digital systems such as DVD, VCR and DTV. The audio system is also integrated into the suspended cabinet. The wall unit is equipped with white LED bands positioned in the lower part of the cabinet and can be integrated with home automation systems.

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