Wood interior doors

One of the main reasons why wood interior doors are still held in high regard for the furnishing of the rooms is the warmth of this noble material. Wood interior doors are not limited to a mere subdivision of spaces and rooms, but their design, materials, locking systems and colour choices define both the personality and the style of the environments in which they are installed. The choice of wood interior doors for your home, your office or your hotel must guarantee the respect of an appeal already well defined or designed.

Wood interior doors enclose a vast amount of variables that a designer must necessarily take into consideration both from an aesthetic and functional point of view:

  • Wood interior doors of classic, neoclassic or modern design
  • Interior doors in coloured wood or with specific glossy, matt, lacquered finishes
  • Wood interior doors characterized by specific types of opening: hinged doors, sliding doors, swinging-sliding system doors, folding doors and so on.

In general, wood is always one of the most used materials – if not the most used – for the manufacture of interior doors, window fixtures and furniture. In an environment with a certain style or coming from a precise choice of colours, it will therefore be appropriate to choose wood interior doors capable of respecting both the correct functionality and design criteria.

Wood interior doors: Res solutions

Since the sixties, Res has been the leader at international level for the design and manufacture of the best wood interior doors for any type of area, house, office, contract, hotels and spas.

The excellence of the Made in Italy by Res and the talent of its designer Massimo Cavana, art director of the brand, are so well-known and appreciated that the brand is among the world’s leading manufacturers of doors and systems. It is hardly surprising to find that Res solutions are present all over the world: from Italy to the United States, from Benelux to Canada, from India to Turkey.

The choice of wood interior doors by Res means love for beauty and guarantee of maximum performance: the artifacts are manufactured from the most precious woods, customized with finishes and locking systems designed to fit the environments, designed for a long term performance. Contact Res technicians to define with them the best solution for the division and customization of your environments: wood hinged interior doors, interior or exterior sliding doors,

flush to wall doors, folding doors, pivoting doors. The possible realizations are almost endless, as the idea of a unique home, able to better interpret your personality and your deepest desires.

Choose the best doors in the world to give your environments the elegance they deserve.

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