Wood paneling for shops and businesses: a transversal solution

The visual image of a shop is the first and fundamental business card for any business. For this reason, its interior design should always be studied carefully down to the tiniest detail, with the goal of creating spaces where the intended uses fit perfectly with the brand image.

In this sense, wood paneling for shops and businesses is an excellent solution to grand elegance, functionality, captivating aesthetics and quality of materials to any spaces.

Whether the business is related to a clothing store, a franchise shop or a beauty center – or even a spa – RES provides excellent boiserie that is designed to perform and create exceptional chiaroscuro plays.

What is boiserie and what is it designed for?

Before speaking in more detail about how a boiserie project for shops and business should be developed, let’s take a step back and refresh the basic notions.

Sometimes known simply as wooden cladding for walls, the term boiserie indicates instead something more specific and articulated, which is the interpretation and decoration of spaces based on wood paneling. These panels can have clean lines and smooth surfaces in the case of modern boiserie, or can be carved and inlaid in classic wood paneling.

Once mainly used for the decoration of rich, elegant rooms, wood paneling is now experiencing a second youth thanks to advanced solutions that are in line with current design trends such as those designed by RES, which allow to combine the typical visual impact of wood paneling with modern features. The result is a set of fully equipped spaces, both classic and contemporary-looking.

Another characteristic of wood paneling for shops and businesses is its uniqueness: given how diverse dimensional and functional characteristics of each space are, no space equipped with boiserie will ever be identical to any other. In this sense, wood paneling for shops and businesses not only enhances the brand identity, but more like defines it.

As for the benefits of choosing wood paneling for shops and businesses, it is worth remembering that this solution:

  • Is perfect for dividing spaces or creating communication between different rooms
  • Can flawlessly cover not only walls, but also wardrobes, walk-in closets and flush-to-wall doors
  • Is totally customizable both on a dimensional and stylistic point of view
  • Can be coordinated within a complete design project
  • Is simple to install
  • Includes several accessories and options that further increase the level of customization
  • Is the result of the perfect synergy between different styles and materials, so as to create smooth, modern and minimalist elements, or decorated/inlaid effects for a more classic design

Singly: the new concept of wood paneling for shops and businesses by RES

RES provides numerous models of boiserie that are designed to work transversely in very different spaces: residential, commercial, hospitality.

In particular for shops and businesses, an excellent solution is Singly by designed Luca Santambrogio.

This wood paneling embodies a new concept of space management and distribution and is ideal for shops and businesses. The reason is simple: Singly allows the creation of self-supporting walls that contain swing doors or, alternatively, of walls positioned to cover other walls. It is also possible to combine different types of materials to further customize the panels: from porcelain stoneware tiles to wood, from lightened marbles to back-lacquered or reflective glass.

Singly is the complete and versatile wood paneling for shops and businesses composed of different elements for a complete layout of the spaces: fixed corners and transom lights, lower sides directly integrated in the paneling, LEDs within the doors through electrified hinges, suspended container boxes, cabinets with shelves – both open and closed by wooden or glass doors.

Doga: the boiserie that reinvents the concept of boiserie

Doga is another of the boiserie solutions offered by RES. Gianluca Santambrogio’s design, in fact, reinvents the very concept of wood paneling, amplifying it and making it more contemporary and attune to current trends.

Doga is not just a simple series of panels covering the walls, but rather an element of style for shops and offices that want to enhance their brand image, creating strongly characterized spaces granting maximum brand recognition. The vertical slats of the boiserie create plays of light and depth, that are further enhanced by the presence of swing or sliding doors, niche-closing doors and integrable screens and shelves. A complete system for the retail world.

Wave: plays of light and chiaroscuros

Lovers of plays of light and chiaroscuros applied to the interior design for retail will find their ideal boiserie in Wave by RES, designed by Massimo Cavana: an utter triumph of intersecting grooves modulating the flat surface.

Similar in aesthetic impact to a sculpture with a strong visual and formal characterization, this boiserie for shops offers a molded, irregular surface that is the epitome of maximum creativity, creating wood paneling that integrate different elements, including swing doors.

Available in matt lacquered and glossy lacquered finishes, Wave also offers the chance of push or pull openings according to preferences, always maintaining the perfect coplanarity between the wall and the door intact.