Wood paneling for offices: design and performance

Boiserie is not only a stylistic and functional design solution that can be applied to residential contexts. The great versatility of wood paneling systems included in the RES catalog makes boiserie suitable for the most diverse applications, including professional environments and offices.

In this sense, wood paneling for offices stands out for the great elegance with which they characterize any spaces, both in classic or contemporary style, while implementing the aesthetic impact of offices and meeting rooms. Wood paneling can turn the very concept of prestige into an integral part of your corporate identity. Boiserie and decoration as conceived by RES are a real added value for any brand and, when resulting in customized projects, fully communicates the brand’s values and philosophy.

The benefits of choosing wood paneling for your office

The proper design of a boiserie solution for your office shouldn’t only be considered aesthetically strategic, but also functional in terms of performance.

When integrated with equipped wall systems or used to hide or reveal the access to and from different rooms, boiserie is in fact so much more than a simple system of precious wood paneling. As a matter of fact, boiserie becomes an identifying factor for any representative space by acting on different levels of communication, since:

  • It completes the look of a room
  • It enhances the peculiarities of the spaces and their intended use
  • It enriches their aesthetic impact
  • It defines the brand identity with a classic, contemporary, urban, minimalist style and according to the project specifications

Wall coverings and wood paneling harmonize the general look of an office, defining or standardizing both the visual choices and performance of offices and meeting rooms.

It is important to emphasize that wood paneling for offices is not to be interpreted as a standardized product, but rather as a complex and articulated project developed on the unique characteristics of each individual space: an innovative design solution.

Boiserie for offices by RES: Doga, Singly and Wave

Doga and Wave are two wood paneling solutions designed by RES that are suitable for virtually any type of application, including professional and representative spaces.

Doga is much more than a simple paneling system: it is the boiserie reinventing itself as a concept through the amplification of contemporary styles and their reinterpretation through the eyes of designer Luca Santambrogio. Doga creates a system made of different elements of style, all capable of giving personality to spaces thanks to their plays of light and shadows.

Singly embodies a new concept of space distribution through paneling and can be declined virtually in any professional space. This solution allows the creation of self-supporting walls that cover the pre-existing walls. Maximum creativity is granted to the combination of different materials such as porcelain stoneware, back-lacquered or reflective glass, wood, lightened marble or any other type of surface onto the panel. Singly is much more than simple boiserie, because it grants a complete system: from fixed transom corners, including lower LEDs integrated in the paneling and also LEDs integrated into the door thanks to electrified hinges, as well as the possibility of inserting electric locks and other home automation devices.

As far as Wave is concerned, we find a perfect intersection of shapes, lines and surfaces. This boiserie designed by Massimo Cavana is the exaltation of a formal aesthetic connected to the stylistic perfection of classic sculptures, but interpreted in a more contemporary, streamlined way. The concept that makes Doga is modularity: as a wood paneling system for offices, Wave offers the benefit of influencing the visual perception of the space thanks to its chiaroscuro effects.

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